When did the fun stop at home? It can start to fizzle out right before your eyes, day by day. Until your sex life, the fire, and the passion become flat-lined.

Do you approach the situation or does it cause a fight? Is there a right way to address this, or do you know what the problem is deep down and you don’t want to bring it up? A lot of relationships are literally just plodding along. People give up on each other, two people become a chore, and a problem to each other, instead of remembering what it was that made you love that person in the first place.

Do you see their name crop up on the screen, and do you roll your eyes or are you excited to pick up? Do you see a text message from your partner and reply straight away with a giddy feeling in your stomach? Do they pull up on the driveway and you roll your eyes at the thought of being around them? All of these complicated feelings that we can not control, but then again on the other hand, would you ever want to hurt this person, or to break the family situation that you have already got?

Sometimes a partner can wonder why the other person cheated but did they ever sit and wonder how they made their other half feel? Not all of the situations are based on this scenario, but sometimes people are pushed into wanting more, to try and find someone who makes them feel amazing and wanted. Two people want to tear each other’s clothes off. Making each other feel giddy and excited as they are talking and texting each other. It is like a whole new lease of life, and that is why people cheat.

It does not apply to the male or the female more one than the other, but it definitely is caused by home life the majority of the time. Everyone has needs, everyone wants to feel comfortable, but sexy and wanted. Everyone wants to feel wanted, but it does not always pan out that way.